Dream of Something 'Hard' Enough...

November 22, 2015

Geipetto always dreamt of boys. They tortured him in his dreams. He saw visions of naked, young, handsome, youths with splendid cocks. They teased and played with him. But alas, Geipetto was old, lonely and lived in a small village where his fellow villagers knew not of his sordid, erotic dreams. They would also be assured of not approving of Geipetto's way and probably cast him from the village. To cope with his secret lust, Geipetto, who was a carpenter, carved a boy of his own. But something magical happened. The wooden boy witnessed Geipetto wanking one night as he cradled him in his arms. Perhaps it was the combination of the strong forces within the two that made the boy spring to life and turn into flesh when Geipetto's cum splashed over his wooden ass. Geipetto so lusted after boys while the boy found Geipetto's sexual deviation so alluring. Geipetto couldn't believe his eyes. He reached forward and felt the hard muscles made of real flesh and blood. He reached down and felt his boy's 'wood'. It was real alright. The old man lay back and he drew the boy into him. The old man was in heaven as his old ass once again felt a real cock inside him. His Adonis made sweet love to him each day and an old man's heart and lust were once again content.

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Horny Hentai Hunk Needs a Fuck Bad

November 14, 2015

Gay cartoon character, Arnaud, is as horny as hell. Taking all those 'roids' to get him as buffed and ripped as he is has an annoying side-affect - he wants to cum 5 times a day. Seeing Ben pump his bicep was severely turning him on. He began to feel animal urges well up inside him. With a quick word in Ben's ear it didn't take much convincing to lead him to the shower cubicles out back. Once they had privacy, Arnaud gruffly forced Ben's head down on his already erect cock. He thrust it into Ben's mouth, who choked on Arnaud's big head. Arnaud groaned in pleasure and relief, his huge muscles everywhere contracting and twittering as he is pleasured. With his hormones and gay sexual lust raging he needs something more, so he placed Ben on the edge of a bench and lowered his manhole down onto his big cock. Soon he was squatting and sliding along Ben's hard shaft, scratching his sexual itches with a good bareback fuck. Arnaud felt himself ascending to a state of ecstasy and soon his cock began to involuntarily spurt cum out everywhere as he continued to bounce his ass on Ben's raw cock.

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Tetsu's Star Shines Bright

November 06, 2015

With so much fame, success and money, Tetsu cant walk around Shinjuku without being noticed or mobbed. People readily recognise him and want to touch him. They want to say they have felt his flesh, ran their hand over his firm, chiseled body. Even though Tetsu loved all the attention he decided to get a bodyguard. An added bonus was that it protected him from all the unwanted advances from old, fat guys who thought they could buy him with cash. Most likely, Tetsu had even more than they did! But, best of all, Tetsu gained more than a bodyguard in James, he also gained a lover. Gay sex no longer just meant dollar signs for Tetsu - it meant love.
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The Life Of Tetsu II

October 22, 2015

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Suki says "The Life of Tetsu continues. Let's check out how Tetsu gets the tips from Kudo, the Salesman of the year. He wasn't born for the job but will Kudo's tips help him??. Read the story and find out more"

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Toon Shower

October 15, 2015

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Suki says "If you are a fan of all my sites, you will know that my most favorite scene is...SHOWER!!!! Now if you like shower scene, check out this hot gay hentai set! Two cute toons with big cocks are in action in the bathroom! This set was made from the real Japanese human set and I guarantee you these toon pics are hotter!!!"

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Tetsu the Porn Star?

September 23, 2015

Well, it looks like the camera man knew what he was talking about. And it seems he isn't the only one that lusts and craves for Tetsu's young, toned, sexy physique. Once Tetsu's films hit the market, he's become an instant hit. And all he has to do is suck some dicks, kiss some boys and take it up the ass once in a while. And, that's becoming less and less of a burden on his conscience and sense of morals, not to mention that its getting easier and easier to take those boys' cocks up his bum. In fact, the decision is made for Tetsu with each and every pay check as he's just rolling in the dough. But, can these good times last for our gorgeous hero?...
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Japanese Gay Sex Train - Fiction from Gay Asian Anime!

September 14, 2015

"Tonight I am sitting on a train riding through Japan, my cock is hard so I give it a tug. There is a boy sitting across from me, looking in my eyes, with an obvious hard-on. I am not sure what to do. I don’t think he speaks English, and outside of Kenichua and Arrigato I don’t speak any Japanese. Furthermore, we are in Japan, on a train, in public, so I am not so apt to make the first move." What do you think this young man will do? Will he make the first move? Perhaps his lust and desire for the young man across the train is way too much to contain. Perhaps others will get involved, this turning the whole train into a massive orgy where the holes get filled and the cum flies everywhere! If you love gay Asian, toons, fiction stories and comics, hop aboard the Japanese Sex Train!!

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