The Power of Passion and Lust

May 16, 2016

They met at a summer gay party. Spying each other off from across the grassed picnic area they flirted with each other via gestures with their eyes. Sneaking away from their preoccupied friends, they huddled behind a tree to introduced themselves. Aiden loved everything about Tad and his heart beat faster in his presence. The feelings of lust were uncontrollable - he just wanted to press himself against that big manly body and feel the firm bulging muscles brush against his. The feeling was mutual and as Tad lived nearby, he invited Aiden back home. Within seconds of entering the apartment, the boys were locked in an embrace and clothes were hastily discarded. Their dicks had already come to full attention and Aiden dove down to gulp at Tad's cock. The mad frolic continued until the passion was too uncontrollable and Tad had to slide his large, rigid cock into Aiden's burning hole.
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Is Tetsu Caught in a Perpetual Tale of Prostitution?

May 09, 2016

Although not proud about what he has done, Tetsu can finally hold his head up high as he has money in his pocket, lots of it. Things were getting desperate but now at least the immediate future looks OK and Tetsu has bought some time until he can find a new job. His thoughts were interrupted by the phone. His mum called, the family is in financial crisis again. Tetsu loves his family and doesn't want them to borrow more money from the Yakuza. He willingly lends them 200,000 yen but he knows this will make him instantly destitute again. Tetsu is racked with anguish. Later, as if a sign from above, the cameraman calls by. Tetsu is forced to explain his situation and is offered an easy way out. Reluctantly, Tetsu knows that he has to prostitute himself again and offer his sweet ass for sale. The cameraman gets a taste of Tetsu's lovely young cock and ass....
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Tetsu Strips For Cash

April 29, 2016

Wanking away his troubles only gets Tetsu so far. He cant make money to support himself by doing that. Or can he? Tetsu has come into possession of a very interesting business card from his friend. Curious and in desperate need of money, Tetsu agrees to a pose nude. After seeing Tetsu's smooth, young, chiseled body with his six pack crunching, lean pecs rippling, and taught biceps bulging, the photographer offers Tetsu more money. He'd pay anything for the memory and photographs of Tetsu jerking himself off. But the photographer's lust gets the better of him. He wants more and has become infatuated with Tetsu. He has to have his cock...
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Tetsu Wanks Away His Troubles

April 21, 2016

After a couple months of fruitless encounters and no success for Tetsu, his company cant keep him on. Tetsu is forced to beg to keep his job but its useless. His boss is not as smitten with Tetsu's boyish good looks as some of his previous 'potential' customers were. Feeling like a failure and with mounting frustration Tetsu can only think of one way of relieving it all. He trudges back to his empty home and pleasures himself in a momentary escape from the hell he is in. For those few moments all was OK as Tetsu's hormones took over and he spills his cum all over himself.
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Toon Parody

April 14, 2016

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Suki says "I have not posted some toon parody pictures for a while. Here is some for today. Those of you who are big Japanese toon fans would know what characters they are. Those of you who are new, you have to start watching Japanese cartoons and these pics will drive you crazy! Once you know them, these parody will make you cum even more!!"

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Tetsu 'Cums' Close to Making a Deal

April 05, 2016

After his recent failure to make a sale, Tetsu was getting a little depressed and rather desperate. But, there was a flicker of hope when old fatty looked at Tetsu with promise in his eyes. At first Tetsu thought he had a potential customer but soon his hopes were dashed when old fatty shows more interest in Tetsu than the car...Desperate for a sale, Tetsu let old fatty's plump fingers reach into his pants, caress his cock until it grows hard then suck him off. Old fatty was hungry for more and presents his fat ass for Tetsu to pound. There is no stopping now. Although Tetsu didnt want to, he slid his cock deep into fattys ass and rammed away as best he could. Poor Tetsu....
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Rise of the Yakuza Love Boys

March 28, 2016

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In this second installment, we find our lovers held captive by Lord Koji, leader of the gay mafia in Shinjuku Ni-Chome (the gay district of Tokyo). Now he is forcing the boys into prostitution, in order to please his big mafia clients.

Will Takeshi and Yoshi be able to fight off the gay warlords of Japan? Will they be able to survive or enjoy all the sex and violence? Will they be able to finally get away from the big bad bosses so that they can go back to making hot love with each other? Find out now!

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Night Out Shopping

March 20, 2016

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Suki says "Takeshi and Yoshi enjoying the fruits of their money. They have just received all the money from Lord Bento, the arch rival of Lord Koji, after successfully delivering Koji to him. Now they are out shopping, buying all the designer clothes from Tokyo, like jewelry and underwear while holding hands....."

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Exclusive Gay Toon Set

March 11, 2016

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Hi there! I have some nice exclusive art work of gay hentai for today. I like this set a lot especially the color. The guy is giving a wet blowjob and licking balls outdoors. Finally it turns into a smoking hot threesome action. You sure want to know how that happens! Check out these three cute boys with their big cocks! Download the full set at

Gay Hentai Parody Pics

March 03, 2016

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Hi there! Check out these hot pics of horny toons. I love those muscles and big cocks. These parody pics always turn me on for some reason. I think it's because they are all familiar characters and I'm so excited getting to see their dicks. These guys definitely look better when their cocks are out! Yummmmy! See them shoot the loads at

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