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February 04, 2016

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Meet Takeshi and Yoshi, two hot Japanese boyfriends living in Tokyo. Today is Yoshi's birthday, and he comes home to an extra special surprise. Takeshi gives him a very special present, another boy, and the three have a hot and sensational orgy.

The next day Yoshi gets involved with some shady dealings in a backalley, where he is taken hostage by the gay Yakuza. Now his boyfriend Takeshi must enter the dangerous gay mafia underworld to rescue his lover...

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The Finale

January 27, 2016

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Suki says "I really feel sad because this is the end of the book 'GayAsianAnime'. This episode is 'The Finale'. This one looks a bit different because it was made by the different toonist. I would say it looks better. But please say goodbye to Takeshi and Yoshi with this hot suck and fuck action and stay tuned for the new book!"

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Mixed Gay Asian Hentai Parody

January 08, 2016

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Hello! I'm back again with some hot gay Asian hentai parody pics. These are mixed of characters from Dragon Ball and Street Fighters. Dragon Ball has always been one of my favorite cartoons. It is over 10 years old but the Characters never get old!! Seeing those guys in a hot action really make me horny. If you watch the series, you will know why I love them naked so much! Have a toon fantasy? Check out!

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Secret Love Discovered

December 24, 2015

Brokeback Mountain is more than a movie for Tad and Tommy, it is their life. They grew up away from the city, where there are wide open spaces and where they can make secret gay love under wide open skies. They would be run out of town if anyone knew they were homosexual. But today, as they began their satisfaction of their young lust for each other, they had a witness. A shadow behind a bush watching in amazement as Tommy slurped at the head of Tad's adolescent cock. Twitching his head in ecstasy to the side, Tad spotted their uninvited onlooker. The boys froze dead in their tracks. But to their further surprise, the young man behind the bush only rose to his feet. Without a word he stepped from behind the bush. It was then that Tad and Tommy could see their voyeur's huge cock standing to attention, for his pants were unzipped and lowered several inches. No-one knew what to say or do until Tad broke the silence, "Let me suck your cock?". The new addition to their party sheepishly nodded his head in agreement and stepped forward to join them. Tad was on his knees, alternating his mouth between two huge cocks that were thrusting at his face. With the thrill of new hot meat being present, Tad crawled around on all fours, positioning his cute ass in front of their visitor. The new arrival accepted the invitation and lined his head up with Tad's hole, then slowly pushed it inside. With a moan Tad reached with his mouth for Tommy's cock. And there the three boys remained, rhythmically pumping their hips and softly grunting and groaning under the watching eyes of nature.
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It Seems Like the Good Times Will Never End for Tetsu

December 17, 2015

Tetsu continues on his high as the years roll by. Its like all his dreams have come true. He has his lover, James, more money than he can spend and not a care in the world. But, that recklessness catches up with Tetsu. Despite warnings from James, Tetsu has burnt through all his money. Times get so tough for Tetsu he even has to sell his cars. The gay porn films dwindled out. Things get even worse when, pouring his frustrations out, the cameraman told him the awful truth. Tetsu's flame had burnt out - he's yesterday's news, the world is full of other hot, sweet boys to take his place. Tetsu is in the studio when the cameraman shows him a up and coming star. Looking at the innocent boy having his dick begrudgingly sucked, Tetsu saw himself and all the old emotions came rushing back. Tetsu's stomach sank... .
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When the Gardener Cums

December 08, 2015

John loves Monday's. For Monday is the day that his gardener, Ahmed comes. John would secretly watch Ahmed in the garden while he worked - lifting heavy loads, burly arms bulging and tightening under the strain and the sweat glistening and streaming off his tanned skin. He would often invite him inside for a cool drink. He never had Ahmed's welfare in mind, his motive was always to be closer to his object of desire and lust. Ahmed stepped through the sliding door and removed his gloves. He wiped the sweat from his brow, heaving chest and wrists. John instantly caught lung fulls of Ahmed's manly scent, all the more powerful from toiling outdoors. A power overcame him and he brusquely grappled against Ahmed, holding his torso tight and pressing his lips and mouth into his. Ahmed didn't resist. Like a sheepish giant he went along with John's advance. Realizing there was to be no fallout from his rash act of lust, John hastily removed his trousers. He forced Ahmed down by his muscular, rounded shoulders until he was level with John's naked, extended cock. Ahmed assumed command. For a large, manly man he was surprisingly tender as he lapped at and caressed John's cock with his warm, wet tongue. John moaned in appreciation. Ahmed repositioned John, gently motioning and guiding him to the floor so that he lay on his back. John's cock thrust bolt upright, reaching for the ceiling. Ahmed flung his right leg over to the side of John so he straddled him, his face in the direction of John's toes. He cupped his hand to his mouth and spat into his palm, then wiping his saliva over John's huge rod. Ahmed lowered himself down, placing John's cock into his ass. He gingerly lowered himself further, until John's dick had pierced his hole. He let out a slight gasp and a grunt. Cautiously he began to slide up and down that big pole - slowly at first but with ever increasing momentum. The friction of the two surfaces of raw skin lubricated with spit made a slurpy clacking noise...
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Gay Asian Porn Toons of the week - The Ass Shave!

November 30, 2015

Matthew doesn't like to shave his body hair. Mostly because for weeks afterward he's getting red spots all over him and it's so itchy that it drives him insane. However, he is about to rekindle a old flame with a gay asian man who he has been head over heels for. Even though they haven't seen each other in 5 years or so. When they finally met up one afternoon, the fire was still there for both of them. And even though both were a bit older and now in their mid 20's, neither one had any hair on their bodies - including their buttholes. Things got heavy right away and their favourite 69 position played out like they hadn't missed a day away from one another. Inhaling their huge cocks, they once again experienced what it's like to lose themselves in their lust and desire for one another.

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Dream of Something 'Hard' Enough...

November 22, 2015

Geipetto always dreamt of boys. They tortured him in his dreams. He saw visions of naked, young, handsome, youths with splendid cocks. They teased and played with him. But alas, Geipetto was old, lonely and lived in a small village where his fellow villagers knew not of his sordid, erotic dreams. They would also be assured of not approving of Geipetto's way and probably cast him from the village. To cope with his secret lust, Geipetto, who was a carpenter, carved a boy of his own. But something magical happened. The wooden boy witnessed Geipetto wanking one night as he cradled him in his arms. Perhaps it was the combination of the strong forces within the two that made the boy spring to life and turn into flesh when Geipetto's cum splashed over his wooden ass. Geipetto so lusted after boys while the boy found Geipetto's sexual deviation so alluring. Geipetto couldn't believe his eyes. He reached forward and felt the hard muscles made of real flesh and blood. He reached down and felt his boy's 'wood'. It was real alright. The old man lay back and he drew the boy into him. The old man was in heaven as his old ass once again felt a real cock inside him. His Adonis made sweet love to him each day and an old man's heart and lust were once again content.

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