Horny Old Gay Guy Gets Serviced

July 21, 2016

When Yoshi opened the door his heart skipped a beat. Standing in front of him was a strong, virile, testosterone filled youth who had cum to fix his ceiling fan. Yoshi held the stool in place so the repairboy could reach the fan. But coincidentally the boy's crutch was head height for Yoshi. Yoshi only had a couple layers of fabric in between his face and what undoubtedly would be a sumptuous piece of manmeat. In fact, Yoshi could see the shape of the boy's cock-head pressed against his pants as he stretched up, reaching towards the ceiling. Forgetting where he was and letting his lust and gay appetite for cock overtake him, Yoshi uncontrollably bit at the boy's cock.

The boy was shocked, stopped what he was doing and simply looked down at Yoshi from above. "You want a bit of that, do ya old man?" said the repairboy. "Well, I'll give it to ya. You look fit enough for an old guy". And with that the repairboy unzipped his fly and let his cock spear out of his pants. Yoshi took that fantastic cock and slurped at it greedily with his hungry mouth. Both men moaned in pleasure. "Come on old man. You wanted this cock, now I'm gonna let you have it", said the youth, as he stepped down from the stool and man handled Yoshi into position over the back of the sofa. With Yoshi's trousers down the youth spat on his own cock, lubricated Yoshi's hole and then rammed his dick into Yoshi's ass. Yoshi let out a grunt as he felt the boy's rock hard poker split wide his still tight asshole. The repair boy didn't ease into it, instead he vigorously thrust like a jack hammer into Yoshi's ass. The bare skin of his cock caught against the bare skin of Yoshi's ass but Yoshi thought, "Man it feels good to have something drilling into me. And he's so young and hot!"

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Gay Cartoon Cop Gets His Man - Up His Ass!

July 13, 2016

Leon could run no more. The boyish cop had him cornered in an alley, with his gun drawn. Backing up with his hands in the air he was surprised to see the cop withdraw a gun of another kind. The cop had sheathed his pistol and pulled out his erect cock, squeezing it menacingly at Leon with a sinister smile on his face. Backing Leon to the wall the cop shredded Leon's top from his huge, muscular, heaving chest. With prior convictions to his name, Leon didn't dare resist. The gay cop then roughly stripped down Leon's pants and took his huge black cock into his mouth. He sucked and sucked at that cock until it grew to almost the same size as his own forearm. Leon was at first repulsed at what was going on but the gay cop's mouth was warm, soft and wet, and his tongue tickled the head of his cock. It was the best blow job he received in his life! He was interrupted from his thoughts by the gay cop issuing a demand of "Fuck me with your big black truncheon. Ram me till that thrusts out my mouth". Leon obliged. He got to his knees and stuffed his big black dick into the pink puckering manhole that was begging up at his face. The gay cop winced in ecstasy as Leon drove in his cock and began rhythmically thrusting back and forth.

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Anime Jail House Fuck

July 05, 2016

Jake looked lonely, helpless and vulnerable sitting behind the bars in his cell. And not only did he look that way, but the guard thought he looked damn hot. Minding the jail of a small town gets lonely work and can lead a man to frustration, especially if you lust for hot young men. So the guard decided to lead Jake to the officer's cots out back. Once they had their privacy the guard removed Jake's clothes and cuffed him to the radiator. Threatening him with his truncheon the guard made Jake suck his cock. After being pleasured the guard got to his knees and placed Jake's young hard cock in his mouth. Jake grimaced and looked the other way but his cock still maintained its raging hard on. Stopping, the guard lay back and exposed his hairy hole to Jake. Jake took the hint and maneuvered his pelvis so his cock could penetrate his captor's hungry hole. Feeling disgusted he still continued to thrust his cock into the guard's ass. The guard lay moaning and groaning but maintained his eyes steadfastly on Jake as if he were savoring and scrutinizing each and every action. A feel of anger took hold of Jake and although he was completely helpless he decided to take revenge on the guard the only way he could - he began hammering the guard's ass as hard as he possibly muster. He thrust with every fibre of his being but to his surprise the guard didn't suffer, he only moaned louder as if in ecstasy.

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When a Bat Traps a Spider...

June 28, 2016

In the world of gay super heroes, the gay Batman is a slut. He usually just slings Robin up in the bat cave and fucks him silly or fists him good to suppress his wild sexual needs. But lately he has grown tired of the same asshole. Gay Batman always fancied gay Spiderman. He thought he was hot in his tight red super hero's costume that hugged his heaving chest and rippling abs and biceps. So the chase was on. Spiderman tried to escape but Batman's lust was too strong. After running out of web fluid Spiderman was cornered. With Spiderman begging for mercy on the ground, Batman ripped open his pants to unleash a huge erection, pulsating at the thought of plunging into his target of lust. Spiderman relented as he simply had no choice. As Batman teased his ring with the head of his giant cock, Spidey's dick also began to grow. The stimulation his rim was receiving was a turn on after all. With enough foreplay Batman plunged his bare cock in, without the aid of lubricant. Spidey yelped and groaned in discomfort as the huge member forcibly made its way into his anal passage. Without easing Spidey's muscles Batman rammed and stabbed at his ass. Spidey clenched his fists and grit his teeth as Batman aggressively pounded into him. All he could do was pray that soon his savage torture would be over.

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Boys' Back-seat Blow-job

June 21, 2016

Mario and Tommy were traveling home in the back seat of Mario's father's limo. Mario was a typical spoilt brat from a rich family. He had all the clothes and attitude and confidence of the super rich. And, Mario always got what he wanted. Tommy was one of his best friends. In fact, they were more than that. It was hard to tell if they were just young, full of hormones and experimenting or destined for a life of gay sex. But Mario couldn't control his urges and he wanted Tommy. The mere touch and thought of gently holding each other as they traveled home was enough for the boys to get raging hard-ons in their pants. After scrolling up the darkened one-way visor separating them from the chauffeur, Mario deftly unzipped Tommy's pants and lowered his underpants so Tommy's huge cock energetically sprang out like a fleshy jack-in-the-box. He pushed Tommy back and got on his knees to lick at Tommy's glorious dick. Tommy leant back, his head tilted to one side, and watched Mario licking and sucking his cock with an expression of curious interest. The look faded from his face as he let the pangs of pleasure Mario's mouth was delivering to take over. Mario's cock was also reaching for the roof of the limo. He lifted Tommy's shirt off, the sight of Tommy's bare skin over his torso sending a delightful shiver to his loins. Mario reversed the roles and sat back for Tommy to lap at his sagging balls. The strokes from Tommy's tongue at the base of his sack were almost unbearably delightful and Mario couldnt stop from letting out little grunts and gasps from his lips.....
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I Want That Muscle Inside Me!

June 12, 2016

Jake had seen Oscar a few time before in the gym. He pretended to continue to work out - all the while watching him from the corner of his eye and in the reflection of the mirrors. He was mesmerized by Oscar's huge arms as they contracted and swelled like brown mountains with veins coursing over them. The sweat and the grunts as Oscar persisted with the heavy weights was way too much stimulus and if he wasn't careful, Jake's growing and moving cock could be seen by other muscle-men in the gym. With testosterone flooding through him, Jake was confident and enticed his big, black mountain of muscle into a vacant cubicle in the men's room. Before they even began their dicks were almost splitting from their skin and Jake got down to his knees to slurp at the biggest cock he had ever seen. Turned on by such a manly specimen and the target of his lust for several weeks now, he wasted no time and slowly eased himself down on that massive black pole. He felt as if he was being punched in the spleen as that massive cock repeatedly impaled him.
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The Power of Passion and Lust

May 16, 2016

They met at a summer gay party. Spying each other off from across the grassed picnic area they flirted with each other via gestures with their eyes. Sneaking away from their preoccupied friends, they huddled behind a tree to introduced themselves. Aiden loved everything about Tad and his heart beat faster in his presence. The feelings of lust were uncontrollable - he just wanted to press himself against that big manly body and feel the firm bulging muscles brush against his. The feeling was mutual and as Tad lived nearby, he invited Aiden back home. Within seconds of entering the apartment, the boys were locked in an embrace and clothes were hastily discarded. Their dicks had already come to full attention and Aiden dove down to gulp at Tad's cock. The mad frolic continued until the passion was too uncontrollable and Tad had to slide his large, rigid cock into Aiden's burning hole.
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Is Tetsu Caught in a Perpetual Tale of Prostitution?

May 09, 2016

Although not proud about what he has done, Tetsu can finally hold his head up high as he has money in his pocket, lots of it. Things were getting desperate but now at least the immediate future looks OK and Tetsu has bought some time until he can find a new job. His thoughts were interrupted by the phone. His mum called, the family is in financial crisis again. Tetsu loves his family and doesn't want them to borrow more money from the Yakuza. He willingly lends them 200,000 yen but he knows this will make him instantly destitute again. Tetsu is racked with anguish. Later, as if a sign from above, the cameraman calls by. Tetsu is forced to explain his situation and is offered an easy way out. Reluctantly, Tetsu knows that he has to prostitute himself again and offer his sweet ass for sale. The cameraman gets a taste of Tetsu's lovely young cock and ass....
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Tetsu Strips For Cash

April 29, 2016

Wanking away his troubles only gets Tetsu so far. He cant make money to support himself by doing that. Or can he? Tetsu has come into possession of a very interesting business card from his friend. Curious and in desperate need of money, Tetsu agrees to a pose nude. After seeing Tetsu's smooth, young, chiseled body with his six pack crunching, lean pecs rippling, and taught biceps bulging, the photographer offers Tetsu more money. He'd pay anything for the memory and photographs of Tetsu jerking himself off. But the photographer's lust gets the better of him. He wants more and has become infatuated with Tetsu. He has to have his cock...
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Tetsu Wanks Away His Troubles

April 21, 2016

After a couple months of fruitless encounters and no success for Tetsu, his company cant keep him on. Tetsu is forced to beg to keep his job but its useless. His boss is not as smitten with Tetsu's boyish good looks as some of his previous 'potential' customers were. Feeling like a failure and with mounting frustration Tetsu can only think of one way of relieving it all. He trudges back to his empty home and pleasures himself in a momentary escape from the hell he is in. For those few moments all was OK as Tetsu's hormones took over and he spills his cum all over himself.
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