Is Tetsu Destined For a Life in Gay Porn?

July 23, 2015

Tetsu is now 100,000 yen richer, and all for just jacking off in front of a camera. But, our camera man is as horny as can be. He also realises that such a young, gorgeous stud as Tetsu is going to sell. In comes another gorgeous, young boy and for more money Tetsu just has to make him cum. Not wanting to return to his penniless situation, Tetsu accepts. Taking the boys cock in his mouth he gives it a thorough sucking and slurping. Our camera man cant let Tetsu stop there. He propositions Tetsu, offering 250,000 yen if Tetsu agrees to get fucked. Tetsu is initially stunned at the idea but soon he lies back with his legs in the air, his tight ass hole ready to be penetrated by the boy's hard cock.
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My Voyeuristic Boy Vision

July 15, 2015

I was walking through the lush undergrowth of the tropical forest in South America, heading towards the pristine beach. I was on my own, intentionally getting away from all humanity , venturing out to an isolated, relatively uninhabited stretch of the coast-line. That's when I saw them. They were playing and frolicking in the shallows of the shoreline, splashing each other with water, laughing and raucously shouting to each other in their adolescent Portuguese tongue. They were four of the most beautiful boys I had ever seen. They were only in their teens. Clearly they had sprung from the great melting pot that bubbles in the region. Each boy looked a different inter-racial mix; black, asiatic, Portuguese/Spanish white, and indigenous South American. They had young agile bodies, well toned and free from any ravages of time. There wasn't an ounce of fat on them, their taught developing muscles flexing and glistening in the salt water and sun as they played. Their tanned skins were gorgeous - smooth, blemish free and obviously reflecting their genetic backgrounds

After this initial delightful surprise, I caught my senses and re-focused on the boys. I noticed their skimpy, taught swim wear, plastered across their pelvis, outlining their young dicks and balls against their body. I felt my heart beat faster and excitement inject into my bloodstream. I also felt a little naughty - that I was spying from the nearby undergrowth with the boys completely unaware that I was there. Then I noticed the boys acting more coyly. I couldn't understand what they were saying but they had shifted gear in their moods. One boy brushed against another, deliberately drawing his hand across the penis of another. The boys laughed and as if they were individually receiving a cue, they peeled their speedos from their wastes to reveal their gorgeous, hardening cocks. Moving to the white sands, one boy dropped to his knees and began to suck the others cock. Another obediently lay on his back to have his tight ass hole rimmed and licked at. Before long, the dominant of each pair was spitting into their hands and smearing the saliva across and into the puckering holes of their submissive partner. My heart began to beat faster. I couldn't believe my luck. It was heaven, it was like a gay dream. I felt my own cock swelling and moving. Again, I broke from some suspended disbelief and realized that I was already slowly squeezing, pulling and moving my cock around with my hand. I had a momentary pang of guilt again, but it soon faded as I refocused on my surreal and beautiful vision ahead. Each top was beginning to try place their iron bar like cocks into the asses of their lovers. The bottoms let out a grunt and sort of a high pitched yelp as the rods began sliding through their entry. Slowly and rhythmically the tops began to move their bodies faster and faster, their cocks pushing deeper and deeper inside. Grunts and moans were emanating from all four boys as they were completely lost in the moment. The movement and noise on the sand reached a fever-pitch until then I too realized I was synchronized with the boys. I felt my cum start to draw up from deep in balls, it was building strength until it suddenly burst forth from my cock and sprang into the green leaves. It was such a powerful burst I had not felt for years.

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A Gay Man Trapped in a Straight Life

July 01, 2015

Zach is well respected in the community. He is the son of a prominent senator, and being young, handsome, fit, from a wealthy family and always moving in elite social circles, his face often appears in the local newspapers. Many a girl wants to marry him. But Zach has a secret that is eating him up inside. He also has a lust and a sexual energy that has been repressed. Zach is gay. He loves men and wants to fuck them. He is turned on by their muscular physique and even gets erections when meeting handsome young men at his father's dinner parties. But, with his and his family's high profile he knows that he could never reveal this dirty secret. Instead, Zach has to secretly bring male prostitutes to an apartment he obtained especially for this purpose. And tonight he has requested a blond, with a body more toned and muscled than his.

As soon as the male prostitute is inside his apartment, Zach has him undressed. He rushes to press his rounded, firm muscles against that of his conquest's. He drifts into another world as he sighs his breath over the neck and lips of the boy's he kisses. A lust surges up from within his groin and he positions himself on the sofa, his erect penis thrusting towards the ceiling. Gruffly he demands his hired boy to suck his enormous, rock hard cock. After just a few slides along his shaft from that soft, warm, wet mouth, Zach can feel he wants to cum. Ordering the boy to back onto his dick, the boy slides down Zach's enormous shaft until he is pinned in place, additionally with Zach's hand stroking at the boy's now erect penis. Zach begins to thrust his big cock into the boy. Both men begin sighing and grunting. Zach begins to thrust more violently, his repressed gay sexual energies rising to the surface. Soon he screams and clenches his fingers into his boy's hard muscles. He can feel massive amounts of cum rushing to the exit of his penis and an orgasm erupt so violently he feels his heart may stop beating. A sudden sorrow overcomes his mood, and he softly kisses the golden skin on the back of his still impaled partner.

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Young Lust Under Water

June 14, 2015

After a work-out in the gym Pedro and Santos were in need of a good shower to wash the sweat that was streaming down their sweet eighteen year old bodies. Rivulets of salty sweat ran down the valleys of their backs and down the front between their firm, developing chest muscles. Their little patches of sprouting under-arm hair lay plastered across their arm pits, waiting to be refreshed with a foamy bar of soap. After a workout, their testosterone production seemed to peak, making the boys feel super horny. And it was always at this time that they seemed to bump into each other in the shower room. Santos could take the hormonal overload no more, so courageously broke the ice with a "hello" to Pedro as he swirled the soapy foam over his taught, brown abdomen. He followed with, "you're hot, I want you...", almost snarling out the last words between teeth clenched by lust. That was all it took. Pedro stopped washing himself and gently inched closer to Santos. His dick immediately started injecting blood into itself, bouncing around in its jerky ride to becoming erect. Santos' cock did the same. The boys gently pressed their lips to each others, in a soft delicate kiss. They reached for each others cocks, feeling each other out. They took their growing cocks in hand, thinking how long they had each wanted to hold this flesh in their hands. Realizing what he must do next, Santos knelt upon his knees and with the water cascading over their shiny, clear skin he he gently bit and sucked at the tip of Pedro's cock. Pedro let out an appreciative gasp and sigh as Santos continued to lick at his balls. Pedro stepped back, clambering for the support of the tiled wall behind him. He steadied his shaky legs and reinforced his stance with his arms out to the side. Now, not only was he prone but he could take more of the delirious, pleasurable torture that Santos was dishing out...
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Tommy's Only Crime Was That He Was Cute

May 28, 2015

Tommy had recently run away from home. He was living on the city streets. He had found a lane way to live with a box becoming his new home. One night he turned into his lane way to sleep for the night and he found two policemen, their car parked at the other end of the lane. Tommy wondered what was going on as the cops approached him. "Now what's a cute boy like yourself doing out this late at night?", queried the large muscular cop with a beard. "I, I, I.." Tommy stammered. The words wouldn't come out of his mouth, he was dazed. Before he knew it, the other cop was at his side and had taken his arm. The big cop that reminded Tommy of a bear, was at his other side, his huge hand uncomfortably stroking Tommy's chest. "I think you just better do as we say", said the bear-cop. Tommy could feel the bear's hot breath against his cheek. They walked Tommy back a few steps and placed him on the bonnet of the patrol car. "Now, take off your clothes". Tommy was frightened and did as he was told.

The cops' eyes lit up when Tommy removed his pants and they could see his dick. Each cop took hold of one of Tommy's legs and spread them wider across the bonnet. Then they clambered at his cock to get to suck it first. Tommy felt as if this was all a dream. He was still frightened so went with what was happening. Plus,the way in which the policemen were stimulating his dick sort of felt good. The thinner cop with a moustache moved up behind Tommy while the bear-cop flipped him over to his knees. "Now suck it", ordered the thin cop. Tommy found a long, thin hard cock staring him in the face. Hesitating at first he began sucking at the man's penis. The cop began to groan each time Tommy retracted his mouth along the shaft. It was then that Tommy noticed the tickling sensation around his ass hole. The bear-cop was playing with Tommy's cute ass. But then he felt a searing burning and splitting sensation. He felt as if someone had forced a huge, red hot poker inside him. Tommy yelled in pain but the cops held him in place. "Keep sucking. Don't stop or we'll do worse to you", threatened the thin cop. Even though Tommy thought the pain in his ass was unbearable and felt like no other pain he had experienced before, he could feel his own dick had grown and was rigidly bouncing between his legs as he was being invaded from behind...
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Gay Love is Super

May 13, 2015

After a day of thwarting crime and mixing it up with their fellow macho super-heroes, Voltron and Dash are finally free to express their true love. Its not for fighting crime but its for the sweet cum and butt holes of each other. The only thing that separates their lust is a thin layer of super-hero fabric. Which, when fully clothed, only serves as a turn-on to each other. The splendid super-hero vision of masculine, bulging muscles - every single muscle highly defined and visible to the eye is too much for the super pair to ignore.

And so are their growing cocks, which are easily seen and outlined against their bodies as they become erect within their pants. But they get a better view as they strip the bottom halves of their outfits off, to gain access to each other's super cocks so they can be sucked and pulled. With saliva acting as lubricant, they bareback fuck each other. But, Thor and Voltron love to cum together. They finish by grinding their cocks over each other until finally they cum over each other's asses and into the air. What makes their gay love even more of a thrill is that they don't know who each other is. Protecting their identity is especially important as a gay super-hero and it makes the thought of next time even more exciting.
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A Fuck is Just a Phone Call Away

April 25, 2015

Leo is an actor. He's a famous day time soap star with a huge female fan base. Little do his fans know that Leo loves cock. All his "I love you"s and air kisses to the screaming, adoring ladies that wait for him outside the studio each day are all empty. But that's not the way Leo likes his ass to be. He wants a hard cock up his ass to fill it right up. To satisfy his animal urges Leo uses the services of a high priced, discreet male escort service. They know his voice and they know Leo's tastes. With just a few words Leo has a hot man with a body of pure sin at his door within the hour. Tonight, 'Zed' has called. No time is wasted. Within minutes Leo has the clothes from his taught, muscled tanned body. Both men's chests are heaving as they fondle each others cocks and kiss and bite at the neck.
Once Zed's cock is as rigid as a poker Leo turns himself to back into Zed's arcing penis which is saluting the ceiling. Leo savours the feel of the head of Zed's cock poking into and rubbing against his puckering hole. His mind races ahead in anticipation and he visualizes Zed's cock entering his ass and pumping in and out. His heart pounds harder and his own cock bounces in the air as more blood gorges into it with all the excitement. With his right hand he peels back his right buttock to expose his hole. With his left hand he takes Zed's cock so that it it perfectly inline with his hole. Zed pushes his hips and pelvis forward. As he does, Leo lets out a deep groan, tosses his head back and reaching behind secures himself with his two arms around Zed's waist. This also lets him pull Zed into him with twice the force that Zed can pound on his own. The two men continue rhythmically thrusting and gyrating and the apartment fills with their increasing moans and groans.

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Seamen Need Not be Lonely When They Share the Company of Men

April 11, 2015

All those lonely nights at sea can make a man yearn. He will pine for the sweet embrace of his loved one - long for the day he make love to his love. Ridding oneself of these built up emotions is only a short term fix. When you are away at sea for months on end a sailor will reach a point he wants to explode with sexual tension. Christo is an old sea dog. He has been around long enough to recognize this state in a sailor not quite as seasoned as he. And tonight he recognized it in Able Seaman Johnson as he stood at the bow, listlessly staring at the reflection of the moon spreading itself over the ripples of the sea. Christo approached Johnson and placed his hand over his shoulder. Johnson did not even acknowledge Christo's hand. In a firm and fatherly tone, Christo spoke, gazing out to sea in the same direction, "I know what you are going through. All men feel the same when they've been away so long. And, there's only one way to get rid of those feelings. But don't worry, it doesn't make you queer or nothin. It's a necessity. All of us have to do it". Able Seaman Johnson turned his head sharply to examine Christo's face. Johnson carried a look of shock and slight disgust across his face. But then his mind began to compute. He began to see the wisdom in Christo's words. Realizing his chance, Christo offered Johnson no extra time to change his mind, "Come on, we can go to my bunk. No-one will see us". The two men left the bow of the ship and headed for Christo's bunk. At first Johnson didn't move, so Christo removed all his clothes. He got to his knees, picked up Johnson's flaccid cock in one hand then placed it into his mouth. He started slow then slowly increased the rhythmic sucking motion of his mouth. Johnson shut his eyes and tossed his head back moaning in ecstasy. Christo knew that he was imaging his girlfriend was at his waist instead of he. As Johnson's dick became rock hard Christo ceased his blow job, stood up and simply said "fuck me". Without any words spoken, Christo lay across his bunk and placed his legs up in the air, exposing his hole for Johnson. The Able Seaman began stuffing his cock into Christo's inviting hole. Eager to satisfy his lust, he desperately continued stuffing it in. The lack of lubricant caused the skin and hair on Christo's hole to stick and tear but Johnson manically began to thrust his hips back and forth. Christo braced himself and grit his teeth as Johnson's huge cock pounded violently into his raw ass. The burning, catching sensation was almost unbearable even for Christo's seasoned ass but he let Johnson plow on until he was screaming in ecstasy.
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The Dirty Doc Offers More Than a Healing Hand

March 29, 2015

Jimmy didn't know if it was the drugs clouding his mind but each time Dr Moore called round he sensed that the doc was eyeing him off. The good ol' doc seemed to be showing too much interest. And what's more, the nurses had told Jimmy that now he was healing, he would be off the sedatives and painkillers, yet he constantly felt doped. "How are you feeling today Jimmy?", inquired Dr Moore. "I just want to check your abdomen to check for any swelling. Now, I'm going to press lightly just here...". The doctor's hand softly caressed Jimmy's stomach, slowly moving down, uncomfortably close to Jimmy's groin. Most disturbing of all was the leering look and wild 'dirty old man' expression painted across Dr Moore's face. Yet, despite all this Jimmy's dick was beginning to grow with the stimulus Dr Moore's touches were providing. Jimmy was just 18, young and horny and with being in hospital for over a week he felt his sexual power needing some release. Dr Moore removed his stethoscope, locked the door and stripped naked, whispering to Jimmy, "I need you to fuck me - please?" under his breath. Jimmy didn't say anything, and although physically repulsed by Dr Moore's fat body, he let him climb on top of his raging hard on. Jimmy let the doc have it and fucked at his ass as hard as he could muster. In a way it was a great relief, and the doc’s ass felt so soft around his dick.
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You Never Know Who's Watching

March 21, 2015

Welcum to the world of gay anime....The hotel security manager sat in his small office surrounded by TV monitors beaming back a myriad of pictures from all different sites and angles around the hotel. That's when he noticed Mr Johnson and Greg, a bellboy, slipping into Mr Johnson's room. The security manager sat forward in his chair and flicked a control. The monitor blinked up an image of inside Mr Johnson's room. Hotel management didn't know but the security manager had a kinky fetish that he liked to satisfy each night - he had installed secret cameras inside the hotel rooms so he can play out his voyeuristic urges.In no time at all he noticed Greg removing his clothes as if under order to do so. But, he kept his bellboy cap on. Greg's cock was throbbing and bouncing in the air as he began removing Mr Johnson's suit. Greg, down on his knees, reached into Mr Johnson's pants and pulled out his cock and stuffed it into his mouth. His mouth slid back and forth along the shaft of Mr Johnson's cock. Mr Johnson grabbed the back of Greg's head and forcibly rammed it hard onto his dick. Greg was going hammer and tongs when the security guard witnessed the two stand up and Greg lay down on the floor. He flung his legs up in the air with Mr Johnson roughly pushing them back even further. He drooled saliva down onto Greg's hole then slid his bare cock in. With his neck tie still on he began thrusting quickly and aggressively with his hips while Greg wanked at his own dick. The gay guests continued their raunchy fuck while the kinky security manager watched on.

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